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1.1  General information Reservations for the high season must be placed in good time. The contract will be sent immediately. Upon receipt of the signed contract and booking fee the reservation is automatically confirmed. We are happy to accept reservations for the following season.

1.2 Booking / Late bookings Bookings can be made up until one month prior to the arrival date and will be accepted only if complete with e-mail address, fax number and credit card details (VISA or MasterCard) including card number, name of cardholder, expiry date and security code for the reservation fee to be registered correctly. Without these details we can not accept any booking.

1.3  Booking / Pitches We charge a booking fee of CHF 100 of which CHF 50 will be deducted from the bill if the contract’s terms are fully respected. Should the customer fail to fulfil his obligations under the agreement (cancellation, no arrival, infringement of the contract terms or campsite rules, or similar), Camping Delta will retain the complete sum of CHF 100 as a penalty for non-fulfilment (earnest money). The full rental fee for the entire reserved period must still be paid in case of later arrival or earlier departure. The right to claim further damages is reserved.

1.4  Booking / Caravans A booking fee of CHF 50 together with a deposit of 50% of the rental fee per caravan is payable upon signing the agreement to hire a caravan. Should the customer fail to fulfil his obligations under the agreement (cancellation, no arrival), Camping Delta will retain the prepaid amount and fees as a penalty for non-fulfilment (earnest money). In case of infringement of the hire agreement and/or the Camping Delta rules or similar, the prepaid amounts, including rental and reservation fees, will be retained by Camping Delta as a penalty for non-fulfilment (earnest money). The full rental fee for the entire reserved period must still be paid in case of later arrival or earlier departure. The right to claim further damages is reserved.

  1. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE All guests must register at the reception upon arrival, present their identification papers, read and complete the registration form. Tent pitches: check-in from 13:00, check-out until 12:00 (midday). Caravan rentals: check-in from 16:00, check-out until 10:00. No arrivals or departures are possible between 22:00 and 7:00. Late departures will incur a charge of one additional night. Reception: opening times vary according to season and are displayed at the reception. If the reception is closed upon arrival, caravans, campers or tents may be temporarily parked on free plots. Upon registration at the reception you will be informed about the rental plot for the rest of your stay. Campers arriving after 18:00 who intend to pitch a tent or caravan, are kindly requested to notify us by telephone beforehand. If the hirer fails to arrive at the agreed arrival date without previous notice in good time, we reserve ourselves the right to rent the pitch or caravan to someone else the following day.
  1. PAYMENT As per contractual agreements the reserved period has to be paid in advance. The rental costs of non-reserved plots have to be paid upon arrival during the high season. The rental costs of non-reserved caravans have to be paid upon arrival during the whole season. No claims for financial compensation can be accepted in the event of early departure. During low and mid season, rental fees, up to 6 days duration, must be paid for the evening before departure. Longer stays must be paid for by the 6th day at the latest.
  1. CANCELLATION For any cancellations (reservations, late arrivals, earlier departures) no refund can be claimed for booking fees, rental costs, visitor’s taxes, electricity taxes or flat rates. Therefore, it is advisable to take out a cancellation policy at your insurance.
  1. PLOTS ALLOCATION Plots are allocated only by the management of Camping Delta. Guests’ requests will be complied with as far as possible.
  1. PLOTS OCCUPATION One tent or one caravan or one motor-home, is permitted per plot. For children under 14 years an additional small igloo tent of moderate dimensions (max. height 1,40m) is permitted. Maximum 5 persons (including children and babies) and one motor vehicle are permitted per plot. Additional vehicles must be left in a separate parking lot (with fee) indicated by the reception, or outside the campsite. Additional persons and/or overnight stays and changes of individual occupants must be reported to the reception without delay.
  1. STRUCTURAL CHANGES Structural changes are allowed only after written authorization from the management of Camping Delta. During winter gazebos have to be dismantled and set aside properly next to the caravan.
  1. CARAVANS TO RENT All caravans are rented out in an impeccable, clean and fully functioning condition. Any damage caused to the caravan, its contents or accessories must be reported to the reception immediately. Any material found to be missing or damaged after departure, will be invoiced to the customer.
  1. TELEVISIONS For rented caravans the television remote control and SAT card are available at the reception against a deposit of CHF 50. Sound level to be at room-volume, or better still tent-volume; please be considerate to your neighbours.
  1. CHILDREN / YOUTH The stay is free for children up to 14 years. Children under the age of 6 years may not be left alone on the campsite. They may use the sanitary facilities only when accompanied by an adult, with exception of the designated children’s sanitary facilities. Adolescents under the age of 18 are allowed access to the campsite only if accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Written permissions from parents or legal guardians are not accepted. In case of improper reservation for adolescents under the age of 18, whether made by the parents, legal guardians or adolescents themselves, the reservation fee will be retained, and, in case of signed agreement the entire rental fee will have to be paid, whereas already paid amounts (incl. electricity fees and taxes) will be retained as penalty (earnest money). Furthermore their access to Camping Delta will be denied.
  1. PENSIONERS / DISABLED Pensioners and disabled persons (with reference card) get special price conditions (see price list).
  1. DAY VISITORS Day visitors must register at the reception and pay a day rate of CHF 5. With a daily fee of 5.- they can spend the day at Camping Delta and use all its infrastructure, such as playgrounds, showers, toilets. They must leave their car outside the campsite. Visits are not permitted during the lights-out period (22:00 – 7:00).
  1. SCHOOLS / GROUPS Schools or groups are not accepted in the months of July and August.
  1. PETS Pets are not permitted at Camping Delta.
  1. CCTV Entrance, reception and recreation room are under video surveillance in order to avoid or prosecute any infringement against the legal and contractual regulation (incl. camping terms and conditions). The hirer agrees hereby to give his consent to surveillance for himself as well as all further authorized occupants in his party. The hirer confirms at the same time to be legitimated to declare in the name of the same occupants.
  1. SECURITY During the high season all guests receive an identification bracelet, which has to be worn during the complete stay. The Camping Delta staff has the right to expel anyone who does not carry this identification bracelet.
  1. MUTUAL RESPECT All guests must behave in such a way that no other campsite user is disturbed or inconvenienced. Activities that cause excessive noise or any other troublesome emission (smell, smoke, etc.) or pose a threat to persons or facilities are strictly prohibited.
  1. LIGHTS-OUT Between 22:00 and 7:00 absolute silence is to be observed. Any activity that results in noise (also nearby the laundry), such as listening to music, having loud conversations, driving the car, etc., is strictly forbidden during this period. The management and other authorized persons like e.g. the night watchman have the right to expel with immediate effect anyone who abuses this rule.
  1. MUSIC Music should be played at room-volume, or better still tent-volume. Please be considerate to your neighbours.
  1. ALCOHOL ETC. Any damage to property, physical injury, disturbance of the night time peace due to abuse of alcohol will be charged and prosecuted.
  1. HYGIENE AND ORDER The entire campsite and especially the sanitary facilities must always be kept clean. It is prohibited to deposit waste anywhere other than at the marked waste collection points (dustbins and waste container). For the sake of the environment please separate your waste. You may not leave bulky waste either in- or outside the campsite. Bulky items must be disposed of separately and are subject to a disposal charge. For information please contact the reception.
  1. SURROUNDINGS Please protect our grass, trees, bushes and flowers. Help us to keep clean the toilets, beach, playgrounds, etc. and prevent their damage.
  1. SITTING ROOM The sitting room, also games and TV room, is open from 09:00 until 22:00.
  1. WIRELESS Wireless access is free of charge.
  1. KITCHEN The kitchen is open from 08:00 until 22:00.
  1. SANITARY FACILITIES There is a separate bathroom for handicapped persons. The Euro key can be obtained from the reception against a deposit of CHF 50. Children under the age of six may only use the sanitary facilities when accompanied by an adult, with exception of the designated children’s sanitary facilities. It is not allowed to wash dishes or clothes in these rooms.
  1. LAUNDRY ROOM To wash clothes, please use our washing machines and tumblers in the laundry room, open from 07:00 until 22:00. During high season, washing times must be booked on the users’ list (maximum 2 hours per day and guest).
  1. BEACH The beaches in front of Camping Delta are public, however these rules must be observed also there. Access to the lake is at your own risk and responsibility. Playing football is not allowed on the beach.
  1. DECKCHAIRS / KAYAKS / SUP Deckchairs, kayaks and Stand Up Paddles can be hired at the reception.
  1. FITNESS The fitness room is open to all guests (from 18 years of age) and is free of charge. The key can be obtained from the reception against a deposit of CHF 20.
  1. PLAYGROUNDS The playgrounds can be used exclusively by children up to the age of 12.
  1. BALL GAMES Ball games (football, volleyball, badminton and table tennis) are only allowed on the playing fields.
  1. FISHING Fishing is prohibited on the entire camping site.
  1. DUCKS Springtime means mating season for the ducks, which means nests and eggs inside the campsite. It is not allowed to touch either of both.
  1. HARBOUR / BOATS / TRAILERS Please contact the front desk if you need a mooring for your boat. All boats must have the harbour sticker clearly visible. Illegally moored boats will be towed away. All boats (except rowing and sailing boats up to 2,50m long, canoes and kayaks) must be registered, according to police regulations. Small rubber dinghies without engine, catamarans or similar must be moored between the port and the Amphitheatre. On no account may they be left on the steps of the Amphitheatre. It is prohibited to park boats and trailers on the plot or car-park. Trailers can be left in storage (CHF 5/day) and must be announced at the reception. Trailers found outside the storage will be removed at the owner’s expense.
  1. HOT WATER Hot water for washing up and showering is supplied free of charge. Water is precious, please use it in a careful and environment-friendly way.
  1. WATER FOUNTAINS Please keep the water fountains clean and do not use them to throw away leftovers. Use only the laundry room to wash clothes, and only the kitchen sink to wash the dishes. All water fountains of Camping Delta provide drinking water.
  1. ELECTRICITY All plots have an electric socket (10 amperes, Swiss type). Adapters for European or German plugs are available at the reception against a deposit of CHF 30. Every plot or caravan disposes of a power capacity of 2,2 kilowatts to allow the simultaneous use of various electrical appliances. A detailed list indicating the power consumption of the various appliances is available at the reception.
  1. FIRES Open fires are not allowed. The use of grills and fireplaces is allowed from 10:00 until 21:00, on the condition that no risk of fire nor excessive smoke that could disturb the neighbours is created. For safety reasons fires must never be left unattended and at 22:00 all fires and live charcoals must be completely extinguished.
  1. MOTOR VEHICLES Within the camping site these may only be used for arrival, departure or excursions, with a maximum speed of 5 km/h (walking pace). The camping sticker must be attached to the vehicle in a clearly visible way. It is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle during the lights-out period. Guests who need to drive between 22:00 and 07:00 must therefore park outside the camping.
  1. CAR WASHING Car washing is prohibited throughout the campsite.
  1. WASTE WATER The disposal of wastewater onto the ground, into the grating of the water outlet or into the water fountain is prohibited. It has to be disposed of only in the designated drain. To empty portable toilets only the specially installed red chemical toilet must be used.
  1. GAS CONTROL For all long-term and special rental guests it is compulsory to have the gas installation periodically controlled. If the gas control date is outdated, the management has the duty to enforce that control, to be carried out by a third party, at the guest’s expense.
  1. BICYCLES Bicycles for adults (also with child seat) can be hired at the reception. Cyclists are requested to ride carefully, at walking pace and only on the roads. It is prohibited to ride after dark without lights.
  1. SKATEBOARDS ETC. Rollers, skaters and bladers are requested to ride carefully, only on the roads and as “gently” as possible. It is prohibited to ride after dark.
  1. WISHES We are pleased to receive your written requests and suggestions, as well as justified complaints. Please put them in the green letterbox at the reception, complete with your name, address and plot number.
  1. QUESTIONNAIRE We would be pleased if you would complete our questionnaire. In this way you would actively contribute to the improvement of our services and as such the fulfilment of your and other guests’ expectations.
  1. DUTY TO REPORT Accidents, damage and abnormal occurrences must be reported to the management without delay.
  1. PENALTIES Infringement of the campsite rules or the management’s instructions entitles Camping Delta (incl. the night watchman) to expel guests from the site immediately. In such case the expelled persons forfeit all rights to claim any refund of the already paid amounts, and must pay the full rental fee for the entire booked period.
  1. RULES APPLICATION These terms and conditions have to be obeyed without restraint by all guests and visitors entering Camping Delta. The management reserves the right to modify or change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  1. JURISDICTION The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Locarno. Swiss law shall apply (without observance of foreign law).

CAMPING DELTA Locarno, 1.1.2018